3 Things You Should Know About the New adidas All Blacks Jersey

All Blacks Reinforced

The job of designing one of the most recognisable jerseys in sport will always be a hard one. It’s even more difficult when that jersey is always black. That’s why we are impressed every year when adidas yet again improve on the previous shirt and 2017 is no different.

This All Blacks will be looking better than ever as we head into the Autumn Internationals, thanks to the stunning new gear. Get a closer look in the video below:

While the design space for the look of the jersey can be limited, the technology is not. The team at adidas has been busy stuffing the latest in shirt technology into this jersey which they claim in the toughest ever. Check out below 3 things you might not know about the new All Blacks shirt.

1. It’s Got a Chassis

The new shirt has a wealth of bleeding edge technologies in it that were developed over two years. Perhaps the biggest change is found under the shirt however. Inside the All Blacks jersey you’ll find a fairly elaborate rubberised chassis system. It loops round the back and is even found in the players shorts to provide maximum stability and energy transfer.

If you want to get technical, Deborah Yeomans, who is the director of adidas futures had this to say about the new chassis system designed for the best rugby team in the world: “We identified the area of the spine known as ‘L5S1’ as the key point where energy transfers between the top and bottom parts of the body. The chassis system works with the jersey to improve posture, core stability and a player’s movement efficiency.”

We’ll find out how well it works when the All Blacks face off against Ireland  this November.

2. It’s Inspired By Armour


From it’s inception, this jersey was designed to be like armour. Reinforced both in how it looks and how it performs as a piece of sporting technology. That’s why it’s been digitally woven, almost like a chainmail to make the strongest rugby jersey adidas have ever made.

The pattern you can see on the shirt is digitally woven into the fabric and inspired by the famous fern that adorns the All Blacks jersey. The triangular or “Triaxle” look not only provides extra strength in the shirt but it also makes the jersey look like it really is armour.

You’ll find no traditional seams on the shirt which would be a weak point when grabbed. Instead the seams are bonded together which makes ripping even less likely. The collar has also been positioned lower on the neck so it’s harder for opponents to grab while still being comfortable. What it takes to stop the All Blacks gets harder every year.

3. It’s Got Four Way Stretch Technology

When you’re playing a rugby shirt needs to be able to stretch and snap back into place to help players stay out of tackles. The new FORMOTION® technology found in the latest All Blacks shirt allows for ease of movement while still stretching to fit the player and snapping back into place after it’s grabbed.

This provides a tailored fit and is comfortable to wear despite the chassis and the strong study material.


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