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Focus On: Rezon Halos Headband Review

It’s one of the greatest questions facing rugby: how do we make the sport safer?

At a time when the topic of concussion dominates rugby discourse, there remains a lack of products out there to protect players in action. Mouthguards rightly remain used across the sport. Scrumcaps don’t protect the player from brain injuries – only cuts and abrasions.

Step forward the Rezon Halos: an innovative headband that offers genuine protection in contact.

Brought about by a desire to help safeguard players involved in contact sports like rugby, the Halos headband is the first of its kind to protect you from the risk of concussion and serious brain injury when playing.

Rezon Halos headband in action

So, how does this lightweight headband protect you on the rugby pitch?

To understand, we need to think about the forces in play when you receive a blow to the head. Whether it’s through a high tackle, stray knee or contact with the ground, impact to the head creates rotational force. These forces cause the brain to rotate inside the skull, putting brain cells and tiny blood vessels in the brain at risk of tearing. The resulting inflammation can lead to a brain injury, and the symptoms of concussion that many players are all too aware of.

The headband works by absorbing impact and reducing the transmission of rotational forces – something that independent testing by Virginia Tech and Sheffield Hallam University suggest it reduces by 61%.

Halos protects 80% of the head area that has the highest probability of receiving an impact in contact sports while covering just 53% of the total head, offering protection without the bulk – often a reason for players not wearing scrumcaps. Inside the headband, nine unique protective layers work together to absorb impact, protecting the brain from harsh forces and reducing the risk of a life-changing concussion.

Rezon Halos headband close-up

Although a new product to the market, the Rezon Halos headband has been trialled by professional teams from a number of different sports. In rugby, players from Saracens, Harlequins and Wasps are among those to have tried out the innovative product.

Under current World Rugby laws, the headband cannot be worn on match-day. However, with around 40% of concussions sustained in elite rugby coming from training*, it makes absolute sense to ensure you remain protected whenever you are involved in contact training. Halos is also the first product of its type to pass the vital CE marked testing as a Category II PPE product. You can wear this product knowing it is tried and tested both on and off the pitch.

Rezon Halos headband close-up

What else do you need to know ahead of buying? Well, it’s vital that you get a secure, snug fit with the headband to keep it in place when training. We strongly recommend measuring your head against Rezon’s size guide before purchasing. Halos’ life-span depends on how often you use it, though ideally the Halos should be replaced after 24 months of use, or immediately if damaged.

To keep the headband fresh, it’s machine washable at 30 degrees and remains quick-drying for a speedy turnaround in between training. When the product reaches the end of its lifespan, it’s fully recyclable too!

Ready to give yourself an extra level of protection in contact? Check out the Rezon Halos, available now at

*Rafferty et. al, 2019

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