The Rugby World Cup 2019 Sweepstake Kit

Looking for a way to get the whole office interested in Rugby World Cup 2019? Look no further than our official sweepstake kit!

Whether you want to play for fun or fancy putting some money on the line, this may be the perfect excuse to watch all the action from your desk. After all, how can you focus on your work when there’s so much pressure on your sweepstake team to perform?

The game is very simple and you can find our instructions below. If you download the kit you may even discover a surprise gift as a thank you for helping spread the Rugby World Cup spirit…

How to Play

  1. Download the high resolution sweepstake kit right here
  2. Print it out (making sure to use your office printer rather than waste your own ink)
  3. Cut out and fold the teams, placing in a bowl of your choice
  4. Pick a random team each (no cheating!) and write the person’s name on the table. If there’s enough, draw again to select a second team
  5. Make it interesting! Add some money each or decide on a prize for the winner

While we can’t guarantee this will be the free pass for your boss to let you watch all the action, it’ll certainly liven up your morning coffee break discussions!


Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as we build up to Rugby World Cup 2019. With giveaways, special offers and a fantasy league all on the way, are all set for the action to kick off in Japan!

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