Skins A400 Product Focus

Base layers have quickly become an essential part of any sportsman or¬†sportswoman’s¬†kit these days and Skins came in on the ground floor on day 1.

With the release of the new Skins A400 range; what makes it different to what’s come before from Skins and all the other manufacturers?

When a new product comes along that we think warrants a bit of extra information and some further testing, we give it an in-depth look and write up a Product Focus on it. This is exactly what we did with the new Skins A400 range and you can read the results here.

We’ve long been fans of the Skins products, and the A400 range takes it to the next level of fit, comfort, compression and recovery.

Hit up the link to read the Product Focus and see why we think you should have A400 in your kit bag. Skins A400 Product Focus


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