The rugbystore Hot 3 – July 2015

Rugbystore hot 3 July 2015

It’s easy to miss the some of the best incoming products in the rugby world. Each month you’ll find a wealth of new shirts, boots, balls and more at available We thought we’d give you a hand by highlighting the best of the best coming out every month in our new regular feature: The rugbystore Hot 3. What we will feature here will differ month to month but we aim to show you the stand out pieces of kit or technology that are a little more special than standard rugby fare.

This month: New boots on the block, a champions jersey and a ball so hot it’s already gone. 


1. adidas Electric Yellow CrazyQuick Malice Rugby Boots

adidas crazyquick boots

Our grieving for the loss of the iconic RS7 rugby boots was short-lived. The replacement boots for the speeders and kickers in the game from the dominant boot brand in rugby more than fills the RS7 void in our lives. The new CrazyQuick Malice boots from adidas, introduced in the electric yellow range, aim to be the perfect fit on those quick off the mark. As well as being an excellent kicking boot, the CrazyQuicks are designed to feel and perform like a running shoe, allowing the wearers to reach higher speeds quicker on the pitch. Engineered for control, speed, traction and grip even when conditions deteriorate the CrazyQuick boots have made their inclusion on the July rugbystore Hot 3 mandatory.

As hot as: Jonathan Joseph’s studs 

Buy Now: £159.99


2. All Blacks RWC2015 Players Shirt

all blacks shirt

The new All Blacks Rugby World Cup 2015 Jersey is a suitably impressive shirt for the reigning world champions. Amazingly adidas continue to find ways to to evolve and improve the iconic shirt. The RWC2015 All Blacks Jersey takes inspiration from the design of the 1905 Originals All Blacks jersey but with all the state of the art technology you’d expect from the a world beating team in 2015.  The sleeve shows the years 1987 and 2011 on it proudly. Could this shirt help add 2015 to the sleeves of its descendants?

As Hot As: A Penalty Against McCaw 

Buy Now: From £64.99


3. Rugby World Cup 2015 Gilbert Leather Chairman’s Rugby Ball 

Gilbert RWC2015 Chairman's ball

So hot it’s already gone, we thought it was still worth letting you know about this exclusive RWC2015 Gilbert Leather Chairman’s rugby ball. With only 100 made you’ll need to be quick to find one of these limited collectors items. It’s not for the pitch (check out our Top 5 rugby balls here) but the high quality blue and brown leather panels with gold lettering is for the rugby fanatic.

As Hot as: 6 Nations TV Rights

That’s it for this months Hot 3, let us know what you thought in the comments below or message us over on Twitter or Facebook. What are your hottest new products this month and what are you looking forward to?

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