Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Rugby Players

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Finding the right gift for friends and loved ones can be a laborious and stressful task. Even if your gift receiver is a rugby player, choosing something they might find useful can be daunting. However, not all your Christmas shopping has to be this way.

If you’re still looking for a gift that’s perfect for a rugby player, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find 5 gifts that every rugby player would be grateful to receive on Christmas day.

SKINS Carbonyte Thermal Top


Baselayer is essential kit for rugby players in Winter. They’ll feel warmer when they first head out for training and then have the benefit of temperature management when they start to warm up. While there are many to choose from the SKINS Thermal tops are a cut above the competition.

Regarded as the experts when it comes to compression, SKINS, are often the choice of sporting professionals. The Carbonyte technology in this base layer allows for full freedom of movement with increased durability and breathability making it less restrictive than other base layers while you play. Combined with the excellent moisture wicking and compression technology, this top is one of the best thermal base layers on the market.

adidas Earth Kakari Elite SG Rugby Bootstop-5-adi-boots

Every rugby player ends up needing a new pair of boots. The game is rough on your feet and having boots you can count on and a spare set in reserve is always helpful.

This year, adidas have dominated the rugby boot market with the Superlight range. The lightest and most technologically advanced boots they’ve ever made. Now they’ve made the Elements pack. Part of the Superlight range but with a colourful new look.

You can find the whole Elements range at with boots available for every position but we’ve highlighted the adidas Earth Kakari Elite boots here. They are the iconic high grip and traction rugby boot that epitomises the sport. Give the gift of power.

TruSox Full-Length Cushion Socks


You might be doubtful that a rugby player would be that appreciative of a pair of socks for Christmas but Trusox can literally change your game.

Worn by professionals in a variety of sports, the extra technology in Trusox can improve performance in a variety of ways. Of most significance is the anti-slip panels found around the base and ankle of the sock. Gripping to the inside of a boot, the player will find it easier to get the most out of each step. Whether it’s the drive of a scrum or sidestepping an opponent, Trusox gives you an extra edge on the pitch.

A great inclusion in any rugby players stocking.

2UNDR Gear Shift Boxer Shorts


Amateur rugby players might not have given too much thought to the underwear they wear on game day but if you give them these, they’ll be sorry they didn’t sooner.

Worn by professionals around the world, 2UNDR have become irreplaceable on game day. Thanks to the Coldskin fabric, these boxers can reduce temperatures in areas of excess heat build up by 5 degrees. They are extremely comfortable as well, cleverly managing to prevent skin contact plus wicking away moisture to keep everything cool and dry.

Gilbert Revolution X Match Ball


The best professional standard rugby ball at a reasonable price, you can never go wrong with the rugby ball.

Gilbert have long been king of rugby balls and the Revolution X, is one of their best products to date. Hand stitched and pre-kicked, the Revolution X flies off the boot and out the hand beautifully which is why it’s used at the highest levels of the game. Made to World Rugby standards this ball is for the keenest rugby players.

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