Top 5 – Protective Wear at

Top 5 – Protective Wear

A point of pride for many rugby players and fans is that the players are out there without the protection seen in other full contact team sports like American Football. However, we know that some key pieces of protective kit can make the day after training or a match that bit easier on your body. From the essential mouthguard to the skull saving headguard, protective wear has its place in rugby. Here we’ll list the 5 best bits of protective wear currently available at

5. Optimum Long Tribal Protective Top £34.99fplbbo-front1-72dpi-rgb

Optimum have been pushing hard to make a name for themselves in the protective wear industry for rugby. While the headguards provide quality protection, it is their protective tops that have impressed us. Competitively priced, a unique style and a quality product, the Optimum Tribal top will take the sting out of hard training sessions, scrums and tackles. Plus the orange and blue tribal top is exclusively available at Intersport member retailers!

IN A WORD: Competitive

SCORE: ☆☆☆½


4. Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard £15.99

Arguably the most important and the only mandatory protective wear at most levels of contact rugby the mouthguard is essential for safe play. shock doctor gel max mouthguardThe damage that can be done to your brain, jaw, teeth, gums and tongue from trauma to the head and mouth can be extremely painful and difficult to fix. There are a variety of mouthguards available at and make sure to get the one that suits your needs (ask your dentist for further advice) but the Shock Doctor Gel Max mouthguard is easy to recommend. Rated 5 stars by our customers, the shock doctor mouthguard is the best at it’s price point. The triple layer construction provides excellent protection and the ‘boil and bite’ fitting will provide a comfortable feel if done correctly.

IN A WORD: Essential

SCORE: ☆☆☆☆


3. Canterbury Flexitop Pro Protective Vest £49.99Canterbury Flexitop pro

Leading the way in protective wear in rugby are rugby stalwarts Canterbury. Made from the trademark CCC honeycomb construction, the Flexitop pro offers the best body protection available at rugbystore for high impact games. With padding that is easily removed (ideal for washing) so you can have protection exactly where you want it, the Flexitop is indeed flexible. Put all that together and add the fact that Canterbury Cold BaseLayer technology is used in the vest, to regulate your body temperature during matches, you have the best protective top available at 

IN A WORD: Flexible

SCORE: ☆☆☆☆


2. Opro Fangz Platinum Mouthguard £24.99  opro platinum mouthguard

Having recently been named the official mouthguard for England Rugby, you know to expect quality from Opro Mouthguards. If that wasn’t enough to convince you however, the Platinum mouthguard range come with a £9600 dental warranty (for 12 months), such is the confidence they have in their product. We very impressed by the quality of the range and the price point. With maximum cushioning and protection and anatomical patented fins for optimal fit and protection, the Opro Platinum mouthguard comes in at number 2 on our list. We are also a fan of the novel Fangz but more conservative options are available.

For those seeking the ultimate custom fit: The Opro Custom Mouthguard £41.99

IN A WORD: Confidence

SCORE: ☆☆☆☆½


1. Canterbury Ventilator Headguard £41.99 canterbury ventilator headguard

We believe the Canterbury Ventilator Headguard is the best bit of protective kit at for the quality and benefit it can bring to your game. A common problem players wearing headguards encounter are overheating your head during a game, which can seriously affect your performance. The ventilator however, manages to keep your head cool without sacrificing on protection. With each iteration, the Ventilator has gotten more comfortable and a factor other headguards seem to forget is essential. It is recognisable to any rugby fan as it is a popular choice for professional players around the world, the ventilator stand alone as the best headguard around.

Pro Tip: Wear it in the shower when first trying it on for ultimate fit. 

IN A WORD: Professional

SCORE: ☆☆☆☆☆

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