Top 5 – Rugby Stocking Fillers 2015

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Sometimes it’s the small gifts that can be the hardest to find. Whether you’re filling a stocking, getting a gift for a Secret Santa or just giving something small to someone who loves rugby, our Top 5 Rugby Stocking Fillers should give you some great ideas.

We’ve outlined some gifts below for amateur and pro players alike as well as for the budding rugby player. If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our Christmas Store or our gifts for under £10! 

5. Bjorn Borg Boxer ShortsBjorn-Borg

Don’t underestimate how much someone can appreciate a great pair of underwear.

Whether your wearing these during the game, training or just for work, Bjorn Borg Boxers are exceptional.

Available in a variety of styles, these would be a great find in a stocking.

4. Optimum Big Hit Tackle Buddy

One for the future rugby stars you know, the tackle buddy is ideal for young ruggers between the ages of 3 and 7.

A great gift for those starting out, just don’t let the older ones play with it…

3. Makura Ignis Pro Mouthguard Makura-Ignis-Pro-Mouthguards-Senior

An essential for all rugby players, Makura provide an excellent range of mouthguards at great prices.

They make for an ideal stocking filler as players soon find out they might go through a few, either from losing it in the wash, in the changing rooms or even during the match. If you want a very grateful rugby player, get them a new mouthguard.

2. Powerball Classic 250Hz Powerball-Classic-250Hz

Powerballs have been around for a while but if you know a player that doesn’t have one yet, they’ll be ecstatic to find it in their stocking.

The Powerball will help increase the strength in your forearm and your grip on the ball during play. What’s more, it gives high scores which instantly brings out the competitive spirit in all rugby players. So keep it away from the Christmas dinner table.

1. UP Kinesiology Pre-Cut Tape  UP-Kinesiology-Pre-cut-Tape

It may seem a little dull but there is a reason Kinesiology tape is one of the best sellers at

The tape can be worn during a match to provide muscle support and/or after to reduce swelling and pain whilst improving the natural healing process of the body.

Rugby players that use it, will run out of it quickly, so a re-stock this Christmas is sure to leave them smiling.

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