Under Armour ArmourBite Product Focus

Under Armour have introduced a new product that makes some bold claims for performance benefits: the ArmourBite Performance Mouthwear range. Two products make up the range; the Performance Mouthpiece and the Performance Mouthguard.

Here at rugbystore, we often have the term ‘product geeks’ levelled at us… we’re not going to argue. But the UA Mouthwear range is a different kettle of fish when it comes to performance kit. With claims of average strength increase of 17%, and 25% less lactic acid build up, we had to take a closer look and so it’s been subject to the rugbystore Product Focus.

Click this link to read the full ArmourBite Product Focus on the rugbystore site.

UA ArmourBite Performance Mouthwear
UA ArmourBite Performance Mouthwear

Or watch the video below to get a quick 101 on what ArmourBite does… and how!

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