Gavin Henson: gets drunk, makes a nuisance of himself, gets fired.

It’s been an eventful weekend for Cardiff Blues player Gavin Henson, which has culminated with him being dismissed by Cardiff with immediate effect.

Henson was immediately suspended over the weekend after drinking and behaving inappropriately on a flight from Glasgow following his teams 31 – 3 defeat by Glasgow Warriors.

Gavin Henson

Henson made a statement after the incident as follows:

I am releasing this statement in relation to the press reports and the fact that I have been suspended by the Cardiff Blues for drinking on a flight returning to Cardiff from Glasgow on Saturday 31st March.”

“I would like to publicly apologise for drinking on that flight.”

“I admit I had been out drinking in Glasgow on the Friday night following our game against Glasgow Warriors and had stupidly carried on drinking on the flight, for which I am truly embarrassed about.”

“I can see that drinking and behaving inappropriately on that flight as a professional sportsman at 7am has caused offence to members of the public, the Flybe Airline staff and passengers.”

“I know that I have let my team mates, coaches, management, sponsors and indeed my family down with my actions. Drinking on that plane was inexcusable and I know that I must take responsibility for it.”

“I also accept that in the light of this I need to learn from it and ensure this does not happen again.”

“I am prepared to co-operate 100% with the Cardiff Blues wishes and will do everything that I need to do in order to make amends and enable the Blues to focus on our biggest game of the season next weekend.”

“I remain fully focused and committed to Cardiff Blues and I hope they can accept my apology.

At that time, the Cardiff Blues management advised they would hold a meeting Monday morning to discuss the matter further.

The outcome of that meeting earlier today has resulted in Henson’s dismissal, effective immediately.

Cardiff Blues CEO Richard Holland said:

The Cardiff Blues management have discussed the matter at length but have acted swiftly since the incident occurred on Saturday morning.”

“Gavin admitted himself that his behaviour was totally unacceptable and the immediate termination of his contract sends out a clear message that behaviour like that will not be tolerated at the Blues.”

“We have a duty to our supporters and sponsors to protect the good name of Cardiff Blues and those associated with our brand.”

“Gavin Henson is obviously a talented rugby player and it’s unfortunate that his career at the Blues has ended this way.”

“However, we would like to thank him for his service and wish him the best of luck with his future career.

To add insult to injury, airline Flybe has banned Henson from flying with them for six months.

Post comments below: what do you think if this decision? Too harsh, or entirely justified?

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