Pick ‘N’ Go: August 2016

Your guide to the best rugby stuff on the Web from the month of August.

Welcome to the Pick ‘N’ Go on the rugbystore blog! Each month we’ll be highlighting the best rugby stuff from the web that you might have missed from the last 30 days.

August saw the glorious return of rugby to Olympics as well as the start of the Rugby Championship and with the start of the season just around the corner, speculation and news have been rife. It’s been a big month for rugby and below you’ll find the best the web had to offer.

1. FIJI WIN GOLD at the Olympics – The Olympic YouTube Channel

What have we Picked: The full game and medal ceremony after the match between Fiji and Team GB in the Mens Rugby Sevens Olympic Final.

Why you should Go watch it: Not only does the undeniably best Sevens team in the world dominate their opposition in an Olympic Final, the Fiji Sevens team win their nation their first Gold Medals. It’s a historic moment in rugby and for sport around the world. If you missed it at the time, take 20 minutes out your day to give it a watch.

2. Future Southern hemisphere Stars – Rugby World

What have we Picked: Rugby World writer, Alex Shaw, is worried about the Rugby World Cup campaigns of Australia, South Africa and Argentina when New Zealand are clearly already so dominant three years out. It’s not all doom and gloom however as Shaw picks out two players from each of the nations who could have a big impact on their national team in the coming years.

Why you should Go read it: You might be aware of some of these players already but it’s a good look at who we might be talking a lot about in 2019. Plus it’ll give you some hope for the future if you’re not supporting the All Blacks.

3. Will Gatland Coach the Lions? – The Guardian

Warren Gatland - Lions head coach. Melbourne Rebels v British & Irish Lions, AAMI Park, Melbourne, Australia, Tuesday 25 June 2013. PLEASE CREDIT ***FOTOSPORT/DAVID GIBSON***
Warren Gatland – Could he be coaching the Lions for a second time?

What have we Picked: The rumours are picking up steam that Warren Gatland will coach the British and Irish Lions for a second time during their New Zealand tour in 2017. Paul Rees discusses the likelihood of these rumours (which seem very likely) and what it means for the Lions.

Why you should Go read it: Whatever coach is picked, the Lions have their work cut out for them. Rees discusses the difficulties any coach will face when they take a team to Eden Park and why some familiarity might be a good thing despite the Wales whitewash this summer.

4. Steroid Use in Rugby: Part 2 – The rugbystore Blog

What have we Picked: Personal trainer, Dean Robertson, explores the pressures on young players to take performance enhancing drugs. In the final part of this 2 part series, Dean looks at the motivations of players who seek to improve themselves with steroids and why the education on the risks of taking them must improve.

Why you should Go read it: Steroids are a taboo subject in rugby. Most would like to pretend it doesn’t happen but the evidence suggests that it is more common than most people think. Dean presents an informed view about why players feel the need to take steroids without passing judgement. If you’re looking for more information on the subject head to the World Rugby website.

5. Rugby Changing Lives in India – World Rugby

What have we Picked: A short documentary about how the charity Future Hope and rugby has helped children on the streets of Kolkatta, India, secure better futures.

Why you should Go watch it: It’s great to see the sport you love having a positive impact across the world. The lessons rugby teaches are universal and the benefits it has had on this group of children are clear to see.

What rugby news have you been reading about this month? Tell us in the comments or over on Facebook or Twitter  and let us know what you’d include in the next edition of Pick ‘N’ Go.

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