Scotland Rugby World Cup shirts unveiled today

Scotland Rugby World Cup Shirt 2011The Scotland Rugby World Cup shirts for 2011 are unveiled today, Tuesday 28 June 2011.

There are a number of new technologies and features tied up in the new Canterbury of New Zealand shirts this year. One of the main technical differences has to be the new loop neck design.

Canterbury have a great tradition of the loop neck which is constructed of a single ‘loop’ of material; no placket, no joins, no weak spots. This new design for 2011 [dubbed ‘Loop 21’ by CCC] takes the idea to the next level and further improves the strength of this potential weak spot. Here’s what Canterbury have to say about it:

“the one-piece neckline with triple bar tack and traditional herringbone tape personifies the years of innovation resulting in ‘Loop21’ : the strongest neckline to date”

The Loop 21 neckline was tested to destruction by Progressive Sports Technologies based at Loughborough University. The Scotland players and coaches played a significant role in this testing to get maximum strength and durability.

The other obvious new feature is the material on the lower half of the Test shirts; this is a new material to rugby shirts and one which Canterbury is calling ‘CCC Evade’ fabric. Based on LYCRA® SPORT, it makes the shirt incredibly difficult to grab hold of, with clear benefits when trying to evade tackles and the grabbing hands of the opposition.

Time will tell if these new features make a difference in the real world of the Rugby World Cup!

What do you think of the designs? It’s a real change of direction for Canterbury and Scotland and there are mixed feelings here  at rugbystore. Comment below to let us know what you all think.

Release date for the RWC range is this Friday, 1st July – you can pre-order now to get your shirt on Friday.


LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA
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