Super 15 Rugby introduces ‘White card’

With the Super 15 tournament days away from kicking off for the new season, the planned introduction of a new ‘white card’ to the referee is making the news today.

Mark Lawrence

The new card, being trialled in the Super 15 Tournament, is an addition to the referees existing arsenal of yellow and red. The white card allows a ref to put a player ‘on report’ if he suspects foul play, but has been unable to identify the culprit.

The game continues as normal during which time a citing commissionaire scans the game footage to pinpoint any guilty party.

Once identified, the commissionaire reports back to the referee who can take the appropriate action.

The hope of new card system is to identify and eliminate offences quicker and give greater consistency in decision making.

Greg Peters, chairman of SANZAR (who run the Tournament) said:

The card is available to a referee when he thinks something may have happened but hasn’t been able to get a good look at what might have happened or who may have done it

Click the link below to read a full article on Yahoo which also has details on a few other streamlining changes made to the citing commission.

Or post a comment below and let us know what you think of the new card and what impact you think it might have on the game.

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