The Rugby World Cup 2015 Fixtures and Results

Rugby World Cup Fixtures & Results

Group Stages

Fri 18th September

8:00pm Twickenham Stadium, London

 England 35  v 11 Fiji

Sat 19th September

12:00pm Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester

 Tonga 10 v 17 Georgia 

2:30pm Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Ireland 50 v  7 Canada

4:45pm Brighton Community Stadium

South Africa 32 v 34 Japan

8:00pm Twickenham Stadium, London

France 32 v 10 Italy

Sun 20th September 

12:00pm Brighton Community Stadium

Samoa 25  v 16 USA

2:30pm Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Wales 54  v 9 Uruguay

4:45pm Wembley Stadium, London

New Zealand 16 v 26 Argentina

Wed 23rd September 

2:30pm Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester

Scotland 45 v Japan 10

4:45pm Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Australia 28 v Fiji 13

8:00pm Olympic Stadium, London

France 38 v Romania 11

Thu 24th September

8:00pm Olympic Stadium, London

New Zealand 58 v Namibia 14

Fri 25th September

4:45pm Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester

Argentina 54 v Georgia 9

Sat 26th September 

2:30pm Elland Road, Leeds

Italy 23 v Canada 18

4:45pm Villa Park, Birmingham

South Africa 46 v Samoa 6

8:00pm Twickenham Stadium, London

England 25 v Wales 28

Sun 27th September 

12:00pm Villa Park, Birmingham

Australia 65 v Uruguay 3

2:30pm Elland Road, Leeds

Scotland 39  v USA 16

4:45pm Wembley Stadium, London

Ireland 44 v Romania 10

Tue 29th September

4:45pm Sandy Park, Exeter

Tonga 35  v Namibia 21

Thu 1st October

4:45pm Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Wales 23 v Fiji 13

8:00pm Stadium MK, Milton Keynes

France 41 v Canada 18

Fri 2nd October

8:00pm Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

New Zealand 43 v Georgia 10

Sat 3rd October

2:30pm Stadium MK, Milton Keynes

Samoa 5 v Japan 26

4:45pm St James Park, Newcastle

South Africa 34 v Scotland 16

8:00pm Twickenham Stadium, London

England 13 v Australia 33

Sun 4th October

2:30pm Leicester City Stadium

Argentina 45 v Tonga 16

4:45pm Olympic Stadium, London

Ireland 16 v Italy 9

Tue 6th October

4:45pm Leicester City Stadium

Canada 15 v Romania 17

8:00pm Stadium MK, Milton Keynes

Fiji 47 v Uruguay 15

Wed 7th October

4:45pm Olympic Stadium, London

South Africa 64 v USA 0

8:00pm Sandy Park, Exeter

Namibia 16 v Georgia 17

Fri 9th October

8:00pm St James Park, Newcastle

New Zealand 47  v Tonga 9

Sat 10th October

2:30pm St James Park, Newcastle

Samoa 33 v Scotland 36

4:45pm Twickenham Stadium, London

Australia 15 v Wales 6

8:00pm  Manchester City Stadium

England 60 v Uruguay 3

Sun 11th October

12:00pm Leicester City Stadium

Argentina 64 v Namibia 19

2:30pm Sandy Park, Exeter

Italy 32 v Romania 22

4:45pm Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

France 9 v Ireland 24

8:00pm Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester

USA 18 v Japan 28

Quarter Finals

Sat 17th October

4:00pm Twickenham Stadium, London

South Africa 23 v Wales 19

8:00pm Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

New Zealand 62 C v France 13

Sun 18th October

1:00pm Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Argentina 43 v Ireland 20

4:00pm Twickenham Stadium, London

Australia 35 v Scotland 34

Semi Finals

Sat 24th October

4:00pm Twickenham Stadium, London

South Africa v New Zealand

Sun 25th October

4:00pm Twickenham Stadium, London

Argentina v Australia

Bronze Final

Fri 30th October

8:00pm Olympic Stadium, London

South Africa v Arentina


Sat 31st October

4:00pm Twickenham Stadium, London

New Zealand v Australia

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