The 6 Nations 2016 Sweepstake

How to Make this 6 Nations Even More Nail Biting

The 6 Nations is a special tournament, filled to the brim with rich history and fierce rivalries. This year is perhaps the most open ended the competition has ever been.

France and England have new coaches and reshuffled squads, Wales have recovered somewhat from their injury crisis of the Rugby World Cup, Ireland will have to make do after some key retirements while they chase their 3rd title in a row, Scotland are one of the most settled squads and performed best at RWC 2015 and Italy as ever, have something to prove.

It’s sure to make for exciting viewing but you can make it even more exciting by challenging your friends and family to take part in our Sweepstake! Create your own rivalries in the club/school/home/office with our simple kit.

How to Play:

  • Download the Full Resolution Sweepstake here.
  • Print it out.
  • Cut out the teams, fold and place in a hat.
  • Decide a Stake (£5 for entry = £30 for the winner!)
  • Pick Your Team out the Hat (No putting Italy back in).
  • Watch and wait to Win or Lose.

Bonus Optional Rules:

  • Create a forfeit for the player who picks the team that gets the infamous Wooden Spoon. (Or give the player with the wooden spoon their money back if you’re feeling nice.)
  • Bonus Prizes if you’re team gets a Grand Slam
  • Predict how many games your team will win to get half your stake back if you are right.

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