Top 5 Reasons to get Excited for The Rugby World Cup 2015

The Rugby World Cup is just over a year away and we are already too excited for it. Here are the Top 5 Reasons you should be too.

5. Rugby is Growing

Rugby has been, for sometime, one of the fastest growing sports in the world. More players, more fans, more coverage and more money will mean that the Rugby World Cup 2015 (RWC2015) will be the biggest yet. With just over a year at the time of writing until the first game, the hype is already quickly building for what should be a fantastic World Cup.


Another indication that the game is growing is the new inclusion of Rugby 7s in the Olympic Games. Rio 2016 will be the first games to host the sport, which, if the recent tournaments are anything to go by, is due to be a fantastic watch. 7s has become an immensely popular code in Rugby for both the men and women’s game. It was also one of the highlights from this years Commonwealth Games.

4. It’s Getting Better


Not only is the game getting bigger, it’s getting better. The quality of rugby worldwide is getting better everyday. In Europe, more nations are starting to knock at the 6 Nations Doors, even Germany nearly came close to qualifying for the World Cup this year. Across the American Continent, both North and South, there have been concerted efforts to raise the profile of the game. In Brazil, 7s has started to develop ahead of the Olympics, and Rugby in Canada and the USA are garnering more fans and better players each year.

Rugby Union at a Club level has also been increasing the ability of players, as well as the popularity of the game. As Clubs become more competitive, for progressively bigger and better prizes, the players have to work harder, giving the international sides a better pool than ever to pick from.

The All Blacks have set a standard and as a result more of the top countries have been striving to match that standard. This could be the most hotly contested World Cup ever.

3. The All Blacks have Records to Break and Make

There has never been a professional rugby team more successful than the current All Blacks. Having been nigh on unstoppable since winning the World Cup in 2011, New Zealand still have records to break and make – Which could make it very exciting for spectators, whether you’re supporting them or not.

Should New Zealand win RWC2015, they will take the lead on most World Cups won, currently shared with two wins from South Africa, Australia and the All Blacks. They also stand to be the first team to win back to back Rugby World Cups. As terrifying to non-kiwis as these records being broken may seem, it would be hard to argue the All Blacks wouldn’t deserve such accolades.

2. Game of Rugby

Tywin Lannister says you should be:

1. It’s coming home.

Although it is widely debated whether William Webb Ellis actually invented Rugby there is little doubt that the game started in Britain. With England hosting RWC2015 (with some help from Wales), for the first time in 15 years, it will undoubtedly be the sporting highlight of the year. With the 2012 games hailed as a massive success, RWC2015 has the potential to lift the game to new levels of popularity and to be the fiercest fought World Cup yet, with records and glory at stake.


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