Top 5 Rugby Stocking Fillers this Christmas

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Smaller gifts can be special. When it’s the right thing, the thing they needed, it can mean a lot. Here you’ll find five of the best rugby stocking fillers available at These are ideal for topping up the stocking of a rugby fan or for Secret Santa gifts on a budget.

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Tapout Mouthguard


Mouthguards and boots are the only absolutely essential pieces of kit for when you’re playing full contact rugby. Mouthguards are easily lost or worn out so a new set is always appreciated.

This Tapout 2 pack is a perfect gift for a rugby players stocking. They are made from an ever-mould advanced composite which gives you the perfect fit and can be remoulded again and again if it gets dented during the game.

Check out all the mouthguards available at rugbystore here.

Optimum Shark Attack Midi Ball


Midi balls are perfect for your desk, shelf or for the younger rugby mad kids. Their size also means they fit handily in a stocking!

Optimum have become the kings of making alternate rugby balls, ideal for gifts, these rugby balls stray far from the reserved two tone colours of match balls. We’ve picked out the shark ball here but there is a wide range available on the site.

Man of the Match WackySox

Wackysox have made a name for themselves using wild designs for their wide range of rugby socks. What makes them worthwhile is that they are still excellent socks on the pitch.

They are mainly comprised of a fabric called ‘Coolmax’. A moisture management fabric, it wicks away technology which helps keep moisture away from the skin, so it’s cool and dry, so they can play harder.

Kinesiology Tape


It may seem a little dull but there is a reason Kinesiology tape is one of the best sellers at

The tape can be worn during a match to provide muscle support and/or after to reduce swelling and pain whilst improving the natural healing process of the body.

It’s easy to run low, so players that use it will be happy for a refill.

Team Scarves


It’s Christmas, if you still don’t know what to get someone who loves rugby this year, you can’t go wrong with a scarf. We’ve got a wide range of team scarves at but if you click the link you’ll find the latest 2017 scarves for some of the biggest teams in the world.

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