Rugby Bits Episode 3: The Awards Show

The Awards Show


Rounds One and Two of the 6 Nations haven’t disappointed with some thrilling encounters setting a high bar for the remaining fixtures. With this weekend being the first of two breaks in the tournament, we take a look back at the six matches played so far and hand out some well deserved accolades… cue Rugby Bits Episode 3!

Let’s just say that Jonathan Davies splits opinion with his commentary style. From the strength of the Twitter reaction, that split seems to be roughly in the ratio, Jonathan Davies:everyone else. It was hard to ignore the barrage of accusations of biased commentary.

Suffice to say, many of you were not quite so complimentary toward his particularly un-nuanced view of the game.

Anyway… we’re all thrilled at the prospect of the upcoming games; with some heavy-hitters of the 6 Nations still very much in the running for the top spot on the podium, there are sure to be some belters just around the corner – roll on Round 3!

Look out for more special awards being dished out along the way and let us know in the comments, or via Twitter – @rugby_store – of any awards you think are particularly deserving.

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