Ultimate Performance Kinesiology Tape: we show you how!

We were intrigued, as I’m sure many of you are, by a new product that is making more frequent appearances on the rugby field; Kinesiology Tape.

Used by high profile players like Scotland’s Ruaridh Jackson, Kinesiology Tape can be spotted more and more taping up the legs and shoulders of International players. But what does it actually do?

Ruaridh Jackson taped up with Kinesiology Tape


Kinesiology Tape is a rehabilitative taping technique that can be applied over muscles to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, relax overused muscles and support muscle movement. It’s non-restrictive, allows a full range of movement and works by improving the body’s natural healing process by increasing the blood flow in and around the muscles.

We took the opportunity to experiment with the Tape and made a video explaining how to apply it to a common calf injury. Of course, we had a bit of fun doing it…

The tape itself is a 100% cotton, hypoallergenic, latex free adhesive tape that has the same amount of stretch as human skin. It has a multitude of uses for any painful, inflamed or injured muscles.

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